How Do I Check My Argyle Lot Number or Certificate Number?

How Do I Check My Argyle Lot Number or Certificate Number?

When you purchase an Argyle diamond, you are usually issued with an ‘Argyle Lot Number’ or ‘Argyle Certificate/ID Number’. Argyle buyers often want to be able to check their Argyle Lot numbers for verification and peace of mind.

How do I check an Argyle Lot Number for a diamond not issued with an Argyle certificate?

Small parcel of Argyle diamonds between 0.005-0.14 carats, including older, larger Argyle diamonds sold in mixed parcels with only Argyle Lot Numbers can be verified by contacting Argyle Pink Diamond (APD) directly by email.

Simply email APD with the subject line “Argyle Lot Number Check” and quote your Argyle lot number.

Argyle Pink Diamond will then confirm the colour, cut and parcel size of your Argyle diamond.

How do I check an Argyle certificate number?

If your Argyle diamond has a certificate number, you can easily verify the number by going directly to the Argyle Pink Diamond website and typing the number in the search box


A laser inscribed number can also be checked using the same method.

Why doesn’t my Argyle number come up in the search?

As Argyle the company evolved, so did their processes for verification. Your diamond may fall into a time bracket when the Argyle numbers were not kept on record or it is a parcel number. If it is a parcel number, contact APD directly by email, using the same process as verification of Argyle Lot Numbers.

Timeframes for When Argyle Lot Number & Certificate Records Were Kept

  • Diamonds weighing 0.20cts and above - Commenced January 2005
  • Diamonds weighing 0.215cts and above - Commenced January 2009
  • Diamonds weighing 0.08cts and above - Commenced December 2016 to mine closure November 2020.

I can’t verify my Argyle Number through the search and APD haven’t replied to my email, what can I do now?

If you can, send your Argyle diamond to a gemmological laboratory. They can test the diamond and verify that it is of Argyle origin, assess the colour and provide an independent grading.

If you are thinking about purchasing an Argyle diamond, ask that you are provided with a certificate from a gemmological laboratory stating that it of Argyle origin. Gem reports can cost around $200 AUD excluding freight charges. The diamond seller may not have a report produced for diamonds that are less than $1000 AUD as it will eat into their margin, consuming more than 20% of the price of the diamond. You may offer to pay a seperate charge to cover the cost of the certificate and any freight charges so they can provide the gem report. If the seller does not offer to provide an independent gem report, even after if you offer to pay for it, it may indicate that the seller is not standing by their product.

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