How Can I Prove My Pink Diamond is an Argyle Diamond?

How Can I Prove My Pink Diamond is an Argyle Diamond?

How Can I Prove My Pink Diamond is an Argyle Diamond?

There are many pink diamonds currently the market for sale that don’t have any certification or have certificates with no origin information. Or perhaps, you may own a pink diamond and would like to find out if its origins are Argyle.
Fortunately, Argyle diamonds have unique physical characteristics that can prove conclusively that the diamond is of Argyle origin.

Can I only buy a genuine Argyle Pink Diamond from a Select Atelier?

Argyle Pink Diamond Select Ateliers are one of many buyers in the supply chain. Argyle Pink Diamond (Rio Tinto) supply and sell genuine Argyle diamonds to both non-select and official Argyle Select Partners and Ateliers around the world. They also supply diamonds as polished gems and rough uncut stones.

Why are there Argyle pink diamonds without certificates?

There are many legitimate reasons why an Argyle diamond will not have an Argyle certificate.

  • Unearthed before Argyle issued certificates.
  • Did not meet the carat size at the time to be issued an Argyle certificate.
  • Came from a parcel of Argyle diamonds (These parcels can be mixed sizes and/or mixed shapes and/or mixed colour grades)
  • Lost/damaged/destroyed Argyle certificate and unable to get a duplicate Argyle certificate. To read more about Argyle duplicate certificates, click here.
  • Cut from a rough diamond purchased from Argyle.

To read more in-depth about purchasing Argyle diamonds without Argyle certificates, click here.

Why is Argyle Origin important?

Without any proof of Argyle origin, an Argyle diamond cannot command its true market value and desirability. A non-Argyle pink diamond generally fetches a much lower price than an Argyle pink diamond.

Obtaining proof of Argyle Origin

There are many independent gem laboratories that are open to the public and can verify if the diamond is of Argyle origin. This process usually involves:

  • Contacting the laboratory to confirm if they can verify Argyle origin.
  • Making an appointment to submit the diamond via walk-in or sending the diamond to the laboratory by secure courier.
  • 1-4 week turnaround process.
  • Payment for the report and certificate service.

An Argyle origin report and certificate service can cost approximately $100 – $250 AUD.

There are independent gem laboratories located in Australia that can assist you in verifying if your diamond is of Argyle origin.

  • Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL) Located in Sydney, Australia. Visit GSL
  • Independent Gemmological Laboratory (IGL) Located in Sydney, Australia. Visit IGL
  • DELTA Diamond Laboratory Located in Perth, Australia. Visit DELTA
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